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Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Welcome to my Tarantula SEO Spider Review post/ In the constantly evolving realm of online marketing, the Tarantula SEO Spider stands out as a powerful companion, ready to transform the optimization of websites for search engines. Fueled by cutting-edge AI technology, this spider provides a robust arsenal of tools crafted to reveal the most intricate SEO insights and possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced website proprietor, a skilled SEO expert, or an agency striving to maintain an edge in the digital domain, the Tarantula SEO Spider pledges to provide superior audits, elevated SERP rankings, and a surge in website traffic.

With its intuitive interface and superior capabilities, the Tarantula SEO Spider empowers users to conduct meticulous audits of their websites, identifying areas for enhancement to improve overall performance. Furthermore, its ability to dissect competitor strategies provides invaluable insights, enabling users to refine their own SEO approaches for maximum effectiveness. As the ultimate SEO companion, the Tarantula SEO Spider stands ready to elevate digital presence, drive organic traffic, and unlock new opportunities for success in the competitive online arena.

The Tarantula SEO Spider is a desktop application compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems, designed specifically for conducting SEO audits by crawling any website. It serves as an indispensable tool for individuals aiming to boost their website traffic from leading search engines such as Google. With its comprehensive capabilities, the Tarantula SEO Spider conducts thorough audits, uncovering all issues and revealing hidden SEO strategies employed by targeted websites.

This versatile tool is instrumental in improving website performance, as well as analyzing competitors’ SEO strategies. With its blazing-fast, multi-threaded architecture, even crawling large websites becomes effortless. Users have complete control over the audit process, thanks to its intuitive interface, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.

Furthermore, the Tarantula SEO Spider leaves no stone unturned, boasting a full suite of features without any missing elements. It seamlessly integrates with various APIs, including Google Pagesight and Analytics, to provide comprehensive data for informed decision-making. Additionally, users can leverage AI capabilities to unearth search intent, keywords, and more, thereby enhancing their SEO endeavors.

Product: Tarantula SEO Spider

Creator: Cyril Jeet

FrontEnd price: $37 – $47 (One-time payment)

Official Website: Click Here

Bonuses : Huge Bonuses

Refund : YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Niche : Software

Support : Effective Response

Recommended : Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed : All Levels

  1. AI Analyzer: Find keywords targeted by any page
  2. Find Issues: Broken links, errors, redirects, and other issues
  3. Analyze Meta: Titles, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  4. Robots & Directives: View Robots.txt and search engine directives
  5. Duplicate Pages: Find duplicate content, pages and meta info
  6. Sitemaps: View, generate and fix sitemaps
  7. Resumable: Pause and resume Crawls anytime
  8. Highspeed: Fast Crawler. Does your work in minutes
  9. AMP & Structured Data: View and validate structured data
  10. Google Analytics & Search Integration: Integrates with APIs to get advanced info
  11. Visual Graphs: See in graphs and charts how your site is performing
  12. AI Content Rewriter: Pick any article and rewrite it with one click
  13. Full Control: Advanced Crawler, gives you all the control.
  14. Security Check: Check Site Security and factors that help in rankings.
  15. Speed Check: Find out what is slowing your site down.
  16. Mobile Check: Check if pages are mobile responsive.
  17. On-Page Optimizer Included: Analyze any page in-depth and generate SEO report.
  18. Export Data: Create CSV dumps of any data or report
  19. Updated Regularly: Updated with new features regularly
  20. 30 Days Refund  
  21. 24 / 6 Chat Support  
  22. Satisfaction Guarantee

Blazing Fast: High performance, multi-threaded architecture even makes big crawls a breeze

Full Control: Conduct your SEO audits and research the way you want to. Get full control over the crawl.

Easy to use: Modern and easy to use interface makes using Tarantula fun

Powerful Software: No feature missing! Get all the crawl information you want, and mor

Connects with APIs: Google Pagesight, Analytics & more. Get all the information

Get the AI Boost: Use AI to discover search intent, keywords & more

Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Complete SEO Site Audit

Use a modern tool to perform site audits for yourself and your clients. Go in-depth and reveal all the issues of any site.

  • High-performance technical site audit.
  • Spot any problem that a site has.
  • Get page-by-page information.
  • Complete crawl of all resources including media assets.

The Only SEO Auditor/Crawler That’s AI Enabled

Use the power of AI to discover insights about your websites and the competition’s websites that would otherwise take hours to reveal.

  • Find the real keywords that pages are truly targeting.
  • Get insights into ranking behavior of a page.
  • Re-write any page inside the crawler and use it.
  • Find the right content and generate your content using AI.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Find All The Problems That Stop A Site From Ranking

You and your clients want to rank high. Tarantula helps you get there faster. It can spot all the problems that your site has in rankings.

  • Find broken links (404).
  • Discover redirect issues (chains, loops).
  • Analyze titles, meta descriptions.
  • Find duplicate content and duplicate meta information.

Find True Keywords Using AI

Tarantula reveals the true keyword intent and ranking keywords for any page using AI analysis.

  • Tells you what keywords the page is really targeting.
  • Get an insight into similar and parallel keywords.
  • Get keyword data for any website and page on the Internet.

Re-write Any Page Using AI

If in your SEO analysis, you want to rewrite a page for better performance, you can rewrite it instantly using ChatGPT AI which is in-built in Tarantula.

  • Rewrite your own pages for better performance.
  • Rewrite and reuse content that others have created.

Grab Your Top Competiton’s Best Ranking Secrets

If you see someone ranking at #1, you know they did something right. What if you knew what they did? What if you could replicate it in your business?

Using industry knowledge is the best way to get ahead faster. With Tarantula SEO Spider you can crawl your competitor’s websites and find what they are doing.

  • Crawl websites of your competitors.
  • Discover their website structure, the depth and breadth of their content.
  • Find all their pages, topics and keywords they target.
  • Discover the kind of content they create and target.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Get A Search Engine’s Perspective of Your Site

You see your website differently than Google. Tarantula performs the site-crawl just like Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo does. You can even choose to follow or ignore robots.txt.

  • Crawls URLs, HTML Tags, Javascript, Code, Images, Videos & more.
  • Finds and reports all Sitemap data with correctness review.
  • Reports all unreachable and undetectable pages.

Fix Any Site For Better Rankings With Issue Correction

Tarantula explores all the aspects of a site. Everything that’s needed for an effective site audit.

  • Indexability and crawling.
  • Technical factors like page size, mobile usability, validation errors.
  • User experience issues like broken links, crawl errors, bad robots.txt.
  • Social media checks – structured data, open-graph, pixels.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Detects On-page Optimization Issues

Automatically detects and reports on-page optimization issues that prevent your site from getting the best potential rank.

  • Duplicate meta tags and descriptions.
  • Too long titles, or too small titles and descriptions.
  • Thin content that prevents you from ranking.

Connects With Google’s APIs To Pull Even More Data

Tarantula SEO Spider connects with Google Pagesight API and Google Analytics to get important SEO signals that will help you do the best SEO optimization for your site.

  • Get page-speed and ranking signals from Google.
  • Get page-level user and performance data and spot issues.
  • Get specific insight about ranking performance even beyond the crawl.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Generate Sitemaps & Robots.txt With One-Click

Get every single page crawled and ranked by Google with Sitemaps. Tarantula creates your sitemap automatically.

  • Complete sitemap with hierarchical data as required by Google and other search engines.
  • Robots.txt generator. Create your robots.txt policy the way you want it.
  • Also updates the missing pages that are not in your sitemap and generates new sitemap with them.

Site Visualizer

See the hierarchical structure of your site and discover how pages connect with each other. Get a birds’ eye view of your entire site.

  • Spot the most popular and least popular pages.
  • Spot which pages are orphaned and need more links.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Advanced Control & Features

Tarantula gives you full control on the crawl. Change and modify anything you want.

  • Select user agents.
  • Control crawl depth, query-string crawl
  • Control whether to adhere to robots.txt
  • Control image and asset crawl options
  • Scan folder and directories
  • Choose number of threads and concurrent crawls

Included: On-Page SEO Analyzer Tool

Powerful on-page SEO analyzer generates a comprehensive PDF report of any page’s on-page optimization analysis.

  • Get an in-depth look into the SEO performance of a page.
  • Reports can be used by self, given away as lead magnets, or sold.
Tarantula SEO Spider Review

Advanced Crawler System: High Speed!

High-speed crawler gives you blazing performance. Pause and resume crawl any time, even days later.

  • Schedule regular audits.
  • Get audit reports in Shareable formats like CSV.

Bloggers: Improve your blog’s ranking

Companies: Remove issues that lower your search rank

Marketers: Boost your sales with free SEO traffic

Agencies: Superior & faster audits for your clients

SEOs: The insights you need to go to #1

FrontEnd: Tarantula SEO Spider $37 – $47

AI Desktop SEO Crawler that works on PC & Mac. Tarantula SEO Spider is the industry’s best SEO Crawler.

  • Tarantula SEO Spider Basic Level $37
  • Tarantula SEO Spider Elite Level $47

>>>>Click Here For Tarantula SEO Spider<<<<

OTO#1: Tarantula SEO Pro/Pro Max – $67/$97

Tarantula Pro & Pro Max versions add powerful features to Tarantula to make money for professionals and agencies.

This also includes a commercial license that allows people to sell Tarantula to clients.

  • 3 Licences
  • Unlimited crawls
  • Unlimited pages
  • Sitemap Generation

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OTO#2: Tarantula SEO Reseller – $127/$197

Buyers can make money reselling Tarantula SEO Spider and keeping all the profits.

There are two variations. One that gives them 35 licenses and another that gives them 70.

Buyers can easily manage their licenses inside the membership.

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OTO#3: CloudFunnels AI Pro – $67

Powerful AI enabled funnel and memberships builder with over 180 templates, email marketing and Zapier support.

This is the industry’s most powerful funnel builder.

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OTO#4: Tuberank Jeet AI Pro – $67

The only AI enabled YouTube SEO tool in the market.

Tuberank Jeet’s latest version makes it a child’s play to optimize and rank YouTube videos.

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OTO#5: Postifluence – $67

Automation tool for Blogger outreach. Reaches out to Bloggers on email & SMS to get you backlink, link exchange and collaboration opportunities with bloggers in any niche.

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The Bundle: Tarantula

All Products in the Funnel $297

(Closes After Launch)

>>>>Click Here For Bundel<<<<

Q. Who is this app for?

Website owners, bloggers, professional digital marketers, and SEO analysts who want to rank their and their clients’ pages to #1 on Google.

Q. Does this have everything for a Site Audit?

Yep, that and more. Tarantula is designed to be used by professionals. It has all the features you need to do a comprehensive Site Audit.

Q. Is this updated regularly?

Yes. Tarantula gets frequent updates and improvements according to the latest innovations in the world of SEO and feedback from our users.

Q. Why is it so affordable?

Because it need not be expensive. We created Tarantula as a part of our expanding software suite and our mission is to make it your favorite SEO tool. We are a multi-product company and don’t depend on just one product to drive our revenues, thus we can afford to keep our products affordable.

Q. Can I upgrade if I buy Elite or Pro now?

Yes. You can upgrade later, but be warned the price may not be the same. You might end up paying more. If you think you can use the features or Pro or Pro extra, get it now.

Q. Can I use Tarantula to check my competitors?

You bet! That’s a strong use case of Tarantula SEO Spider. You can check your competitors’ sites, find all their strengths and weaknesses and their best keywords and content.

Q. How can I cancel my purchase?

If you are happy with the purchase just email us at [email protected], talk to our Live Chat Support or create a support ticket within 30 days of the purchase and you will get 100% of your money back.

In conclusion, the Tarantula SEO Spider emerges as a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and drive organic traffic. With its powerful capabilities, including AI-driven analysis and intuitive controls, this desktop application offers a seamless experience for conducting thorough SEO audits. By uncovering hidden issues and revealing competitor strategies, the Tarantula SEO Spider equips users with invaluable insights to optimize their websites effectively.

For website owners, SEO experts, and agencies, the Tarantula SEO Spider proves indispensable in navigating the intricacies of search engine optimization. Its capacity to generate comprehensive reports, pinpoint optimization opportunities, and integrate with Google APIs for additional data cements its status as an essential tool. Whether aiming to enhance individual website performance or deliver top-notch audit services to clients, the Tarantula SEO Spider enables users to attain higher SERP rankings and explore new pathways to success in the competitive digital arena. Highly recommended across all proficiency levels, the Tarantula SEO Spider promises to elevate SEO initiatives and foster sustainable growth for businesses and individuals alike.

By Md Abdur Rashid

My name is Md Abdur Rashid, and I have been engaged in internet marketing for the past two years. As an affiliate marketer, I actively work with various marketplaces like WarriorPlus and JVzoo. When it comes to recommending products, I focus only on powerful tools, marketing courses, plugins, or anything that has given me excellent results in the past. With so many internet marketing tools available, I am selective and choose only those that can genuinely help increase our income.

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